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Hanako 'Rosalina' Nurumi ▐ 418
Nurse by day, also nurse by night. Come to me for all your medical needs. Happy to help however I can.
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best??? wot??? u send this 2 the rite persun???
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jay the harpy jay

the 1 hoo alwys hits u up 4 rubbrs n got u off w/ gav n iz alwys in ur offic w/ a brokn sumthng or othr

wot hav i dun 2 b a gr8 frend???
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ok ❤️
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😃 + 😍
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cuz you dont like me after all

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Miss Rosie I do believe you could
Reckon you'd look mighty fine to boot
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[ give him a second to do a quick image search ... tada. ]

Something like that might suit you?