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Thread Tracker { Xistentia }

5/22/17 -- Top Level where Rosie arrives in Xistentia.
(Feat. Rafa, Vex, Vanyel, Era, Caleb, Alec, Knox, Ronan, Magnus, Will, and Farraige.)

5/24/17 -- Henley Hope and discussions of bloodplay.
5/26/17 -- Vex and Rosie bickering like children.
5/26/17 -- Axel Johnson discussing some deep things.
5/27/17 -- Aaron Minyard in an unexpected reunion.

6/1/17 -- Top Level to get this terrible party started.
(Feat. Vanyel, Axel, Declan, Adam, Era, and Aric.)
6/2/17 -- Ronan Lynch has terrible taste in music, pass it on.
6/18/17 -- Clary Fray and Rosie talk about the aesthetic appeal of half-naked men (and other topics).
6/18/17 -- Nico di Angelo is saved from being gored by a bison like five minutes into the world.
6/18/17 -- Alec Lightwood-Bane hasn't even been here thirty seconds and is already getting harassed by Rosie.
6/18/17 -- Magnus Lightwood-Bane is treated to a most musical entrance.
6/18/17 -- Jaden Cosgrove being the most werewolf to ever werewolf since she's been home.
6/18/17 -- Jace Wayland making a very big mistake in scaring Rosie's eight guard dogs.
6/25/17 -- Jaden Cosgrove getting some pretty undeserved sass.
6/26/17 -- Alec Lightwood-Bane in a pretty anticlimatic reunion.
6/26/17 -- Magnus Lightwood-Bane finding out that Rosie really doesn't like will-o-wisps.

7/2/17 -- Post for an employment AMA.
(Feat. Jace, Alec, Era, Axel, Declan, and Jaden.)

7/2/17 -- Magnus Lightwood-Bane has led quite the interesting life.
7/6/17 -- Farraige is just as cute as Rose remembers.
7/7/17 -- Alec Lightwood-Bane might be in for more than he bargained for with teaching Rose how to cook.
7/9/17 -- Vanyel Greyjoy unlocking more of Rose's tragic backstory.
7/15/17 -- Vanyel Greyjoy and Rose finally talking about this polyamarous thing they're doing.
7/15/17 -- Aric Dominija being approached by Rose after going suspiciously quiet in Xistentia.

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