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Rosalina "Has No Chill" Nurumi ([personal profile] hasitsthorns) wrote2017-09-02 12:25 pm

nosie playlist

Mono no aware
A Nosie Playlist

I. Manta Rays by Ludo
Oh, all I want is to know your name and whisper it in your ear, but I'm weightless like I'm falling on the moon. I'm falling slow for you.

II. Northern Downpour by Panic! At the Disco
And then she said she can't believe genius only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tongues. Tripping eyes, and flooded lungs. Northern downpour sends its love.

III. Broken Heart by Motion City Soundtrack
I’ll start this broken heart. I’ll fix it up so it will work again better than before. Then I’ll star in a mystery, a tragic tale of all that’s yet to come fingers crossed there will be love.

IV. Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine
And the arms of the ocean are carrying me and all this devotion was rushing over me; And the questions I have for a sinner like me but the arms of the ocean deliver me

V. Waves by Mr. Probz
I wish I could make it easy. Easy to love me, love me but still I reach to find a way. I'm stuck here in between. I'm looking for the right words to say.

VI. I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons
Now I'll be bold as well as strong and use my head alongside my heart. So tame my flesh and fix my eyes, a tethered mind freed from the lies.

VII. Madrigal by Rush
When all around is madness and there's no safe port in view, I long to turn my path homeward to stop a while with you.

VIII. And I Love Her by Passenger
She's as new as the springtime, strong as autumn blows. Warm as the summer and soft as the snow. She's a thousand miles from here but she's everywhere I go, 'cause I love her.