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Hanako 'Rosalina' Nurumi
AGE 338 ( appears 25 ) | May 8th
FAMILY Estranged
LANGUAGE English, Japanese
ORIENTATION Pansexual; 2 on the Kinsey Scale
OTHER Scars: claw marks all along back, some along head under hair, bite mark on her inner right thigh


Acoustic Guitar + Case
This acoustic guitar was a gift from the late Ren Kazuki. Rose goes almost nowhere without it and protects the instrument fiercely. It is housed in a typical black leather guitar case. [ ]

Misc. Photos
On the inside of her guitar case, Rose has three photos: autographed band portrait of Puddle of Paint, a red-haired man in a business suit who is smiling calmly, and a brunette woman making the universal 'rock on' symbol and sticking out her tongue at the camera. [ ]

There are many people who believe that humanity is alone in the world. As one might have guessed, they are wrong. However, they are only partially wrong. Creatures like werewolves and vampires were human at one point. Just like many species, these 'freaks of nature' are genetic mutations that have occurred throughout humanity's existence. While there are plenty more of these mutants to speak of, vampires and werewolves are the most 'popular' and thus the most commonly represented in modern media. So, why is humanity partially right then in thinking they are alone in the world? It's because the scariest things that go 'thump' in the night aren't actually from their world. The world that they do come from is called many things across many different cultures. Some religious groups call it 'Hell.' The closest name to being accurate would be the Japanese lore of the Makai – the Demon World.

This world is connected to humanity's at several different points. Though, as one can imagine, it isn't exactly easy to find let alone pass through these points. Only those with an aptitude for the supernatural ( shamans, 'witches,' etc. ) are able to even think about tapping into the other side. It takes a lot of skill and determination to travel to the Makai. In fact, it usually requires the work of more than one person. What of the the yōkai, the demons? Don't they also try to cross the barriers that separate them and the human world? The answer, simply, is no.Though humans and yokai used to co-exist, such a time has become history now. Humans taint the purity of their world and thus the demons keep to themselves.

The Makai is a primitive place. Things like electricity and running water that humans take for granted are reserved only for the most powerful demon lords. Many live off the land, hunting and gathering for food. However, most are content this way. They gain a sense of pride from living so in tune with nature. It is how they have gotten by for the entirety of their existence. Some things are becoming more 'modern' but those areas are isolated and, again, reserved for the elite. Hunting prey and killing those that are weaker is in demon blood, it is at their very core of who they are. Many yōkai originated from animal spirits, after all.

They do not think of humanity or their world as being luxurious. Part of the reason why is because because most demons see themselves as superior to humans. Most demons are warriors with superhuman strengths and abilities. Humans do not even provide them a challenge. In fact, humans that venture to the Demon World are usually either enslaved or slaughtered before they have a chance to do much else.

That is why humanity shifted from trying to get to the Makai to instead bringing yōkai to them. By performing rituals, humans discovered that they could summon forth demons from the points that connect to theirs and enslave them with the proper incantations or magically embedded chains. It wasn't an easy task but after enough trial and error, a group of wealthy men in Japan became rather proficient at summoning otherworldly creatures. They would capture these demons and pit them against each other for their own entertainment and gain over one another.

It is the yōkai that are called monsters by humans. But it is humankind that are seen as nothing but a plague by the yōkai. Peace between the two worlds seems like an impossibility; yet, there are some who would like to believe differently. However, those that believe are few and far between. So, while peace isn't unobtainable it certainly is still a long, long way off.

  • Superhuman strength. Though she appears "petite" demon strength often defies appearances. She's about as strong as three adult human men combined.
  • Super speed and agility. Rose's speed is above average for even her kind. At her fastest, she can appear as a blur to the human eye, which is a feat impressive to even some yōkai.
  • Small control over ice. Being an okami from the Northern Clan of the Makai and living in a harsh, frigid environment they all have some ability to manipulate ice. It's very small and is about the equivalent of using an ice pack; she can freeze things if she really concentrates but it's still difficult for her.
  • Hydrophobia Extreme or irrational fear of water. Rose cannot be near any body of water large enough for her to drown in without having a panic attack. Even bathing makes her uncomfortable.
  • Arachnophobia Extreme or irrational fear of spiders. Due to her time in the ring and a very unfortunate battle with a spider yōkai that nearly ended her life, she is petrified of spiders in general.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Rose suffers from PTSD from her days in the fighting ring. The symptoms she most commonly displays are: intrusive memories of the event, nightmares, feelings of intense distress when reminded of the trauma, feeling detached from others, volatile outbursts when 'trapped' or 'threatened'
  • Heightened Senses Being part animal, Rose is able to hear, smell, and see better than the average person.
  • Night Vision Able to see well in low light conditions.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat As a fighter, her strength was hand-to-hand combat. Rose is well versed in Aikido and Muay Thai, specifically.
  • Weapon Proficiency Both blades and firearms proficient. Prefers short-range when using firearms. She is most comfortable with short blades.
  • Musically Inclined She is able to sing (mezzo-soprano range), play guitar and piano, learn instruments at a quick rate, and can carry a tune in a bucket to save her life.
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