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Eudio Info

Currently, Rose lives in a modern one bedroom farmhouse. It is located in Eudio's east district bordering on the forest and mountains. It is on an acreage lot with lots of room for her dogs (+a cat she didn't ask for) to roam. Thanks to Magnus Bane, it is furnished with a simplistic, rustic style with hints of Rose's own flair tossed in there.

She owns four (5) animals:
Apollo is a six month old Golden Retriever with more energy than Rose knows what to do with. He has a very excitable, friendly nature and loves meeting new people and having things to chase.
Blaze is a Growlithe of unknown age that Rose adopted during one of Eudio's meet and greets. He looks closest to a Shiba Inu in breed but with the fur of a tiger. Thankfully, the Pokémon appears to have a docile nature and is calm, quiet, and enjoys lounging about at home with Rose more than anything.
Robin and Maurice are a pair of massive Leonbergers that Rose got herself for Christmas. They are brothers (two years old) and both gentle giants. The dogs don't seem to realize their own size half the time and enjoy resting in her (or anyone's) lap.
Charlie is a Somali that had apparently belonged to the owner of the farmhouse before Rose. He continues to stick around and keeps cleverly finding ways into the house after being chased off. Though she will openly complain about the cat, she's already beginning to get a bit of a soft spot for the feline and doesn't actually seem to mind him hanging around all that much.