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Character Relationships




She walks the lonely street
She stares at herself and thinks
This is someone I don't want to know
Her heart is sinking like a stone
To the bottom of the bottle where love never grows
And nothing can live and light never shines

I say
(Your life has come to this
Your life has come to this
Your life has come to this but you won't die)

She cries out to the angels
To end her dance with devils
Salvation, yeah

Hanako 'Rosalina' Nurumi
Born a 'defective' yokai, Rose has felt displaced her entire life. She was rejected by her pack and left to become a lone wolf from a very young age. Years of this isolation and alienation from her own kind (though she'd rather use the term 'independence') has made her a bit reluctant to rely on anyone besides herself.

She took a shady deal to enter the world of humans she'd felt a kinship with since she could remember. It led to her enslavement in a fighting ring for otherworldly creatures like her. They would battle to the death for entertainment. Her previously gained self-preservation instincts served her well there. When slated for a breeding program to further the lineage of 'champions,' she and a friend plotted their escape. He didn't make it but ensured that she did.

The damage done on their way out has put a bounty upon her head. Now, she travels under the guise of a simple roadie. It allows her to hide in plain sight whilst also following a love of music discovered during her darkest days in the fighting ring. Her past caught up with, however, and the last thing she remembers was being locked in a fatal encounter with her pursuers.

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